What to Watch for When Driving in Rural Areas

Whether you’re driving on a busy city street or a quiet country road, stay alert and follow the rules of the road. Safeguard your drive through rural areas by doing these simple things.

Obey speed limits. Most Canadians know speeding is dangerous, yet they don’t heed their own advice. Seven in 10 Canadians admit to speeding, particularly when driving on a highway. Speeding slows down reaction time, increases collision severity and consequently increases your risk of injury. The next time you’re thinking of tearing up the highway, remember speeding is one of the leading causes of death on Alberta roads. Obey the posted speed limits; it could be a matter of life and death.

Buckle up. Here’s a scary stat: although more than 95% of motorists across the country use seatbelts, about 40% of drivers and passengers killed in collisions were not wearing seatbelts at the time of the crash. Seatbelts help restrain your head and body in a collision, and prevent your body from getting ejected through the windshield or vehicle door. Buckle up properly, making sure your belt fits over your chest and shoulder.

Stop completely. About 8% of collisions on Alberta roads involve stop sign violations. Besides being located at intersections where roads or highways cross, stop signs are placed where extra hazards exist such as heavy traffic or limited visibility. Merely just slowing down, and not coming to a full stop, is a dangerous habit; and can lead to a collision or fatality.

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