Online Driver Education Helps Young Drivers Get on the Road

Sixteen-year old Cameron Faith is a busy teen with a hectic schedule. When he’s not in high school or studying at home, he’s playing hockey or hanging out with friends. He’s pretty much your typical teen growing up. This summer, he took one step closer to independence when he got his driver’s licence.

Looking Online for Driver Education

Rather than go through traditional classroom instruction, Faith took AMA’s Online New Driver Program, a 15-hour online course that allows students to learn from the comfort of their own home. He learned the basic rules of the road from home at his own pace, before moving onto in-car lessons. “At the time, I was really busy so the ability to start and stop whenever I needed to helped,” says Faith. He was able to spend more time studying things that he didn’t understand, stop at any point and pick up where he left off. By his own admission, Faith says he sometimes zones out in a classroom, but the online course allowed him to focus on the material better.

Hands-on Experience

After completing 10  hours of in-car lessons with AMA, Faith took his test and passed on his first try. “My driving instructor commented on my proficiency behind the wheel. He said I was one of the best students he’d ever seen.” Faith says he knew all the rules – how to make a right turn correctly, proper following distances, speed zones, etc.

Learning More Every Day

His first outing with his new licence? Driving his sister to their neighbourhood convenience store to grab an iced tea. Now, he’s driving up to 10 hours a week to and from hockey practices, and the occasional small family errand. “I get a bit nervous driving in unfamiliar areas or passing through construction zones.”

Although he’s a confident driver, Faith realizes that he still needs a lot of experience before he’s 100 per cent comfortable on the road. “I’m still new at this.”

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By Justin Bell

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