My Alberta Road Trip: Farewell to Summer

This summer, my husband David and I got out and explored central Alberta, one Friday at a time. From Pembina down to Red Deer County, we took in sights and activities we never knew existed.

To be perfectly honest, I’m completely embarrassed by how little I knew about our province before this summer. Growing up in Edmonton, Alberta was just Calgary, Jasper, Banff, and Waterton National Park. The places in between were just dead space (Gasoline Alley was the sum total of Red Deer for me). The joke was on me, though. Because our province is pretty spectacular.

Don’t Judge a Book

We may be a prairie province and our big skies may make the rest of the country think only of cowboys on the open plains. But the truth is, Alberta has a lot more to offer. Sure, we have our Prairies, but we also have beautiful forests, countless lakes, gorgeous valleys and foothills, and history and nature in every corner.

A Fond Farewell

Our summer of Fridays has come to an end and it’s time for both of us to go back to a normal work week (how will we manage?). The summer went by way too fast and the more we did, the more we found other things we could have done.

To me, “Staycation” has taken on new meaning. No longer will the word be said with a tinge of sadness. Nor will I concede to making due, spending my vacation at home. Instead, I’ll say it with pride and a bit of excitement as to where our next summer vacation may lead us, provided we don’t get lost along the way!

Lessons Learned This Summer

  • Don’t be afraid to try something new, even if the activity has never appealed to you. You never know, you may find you discover a new passion or interest.
  • When planning a day trip, make a list of activities you want to take in and then let your mood or the weather dictate what you do.
  • A GPS system in your vehicle is a really handy tool. So is a data plan on your phone.
  • For the ultimate Central Alberta road trip playlist, I highly recommend: The Essential Johnny Cash; Louis Prima Collectors Series; The Best of Blondie; Queen’s Greatest Hits, Disc 1; and the Juno Soundtrack.

My Alberta Road Trip (a Series):

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