Grande Prairie bound to Phillip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum

This September Phillip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum opens to the public. The four-hectare, $40-million facility just outside of Grande Prairie lies near Pipestone Creek Bone Bed, one of the world’s densest dinosaur gravesites. Unearth your inner paleontologist as you are transported 65 million years back to the Cretaceous Period. There you’ll find life-sized dinosaur species discovered in Alberta, including a hadrosaurs (duck billed dinosaurs), tyrannosaurs (predatory dinosaurs), nodosaurs (armoured dinosaurs) and a pachyrhinosaurus, discovered by a Grande Prairie teacher back in the ‘70s. Roam through the five interactive permanent galleries, then pop by Ice Age Mammals, a temporary exhibit showcasing animals found in the Yukon and the high Arctic dating back to 10,000 years ago. The September 3 museum opening coincides with the team time-trails of the Tour of Alberta, an international 865 km cycling race – a perfect opportunity for a Grande Prairie getaway.

AMA members save 10% on admission at the Phillip J. Currie Dinosaur Museum and 5% at the gift shop. 
–By Tracy Hyatt

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