My Alberta Road Trip: An Introduction

Alberta has two things: an abundance of fun things to do, and a limited number of summer days in which to do them. Too many activities, too little time. That’s why my husband David and I decided to try a different kind of summer vacation last year — we treated every Friday in July and August as a proper vacation, planned day trips and played tourists in and around our home city of Edmonton.

It gave us a whole new appreciation for what Alberta has to offer and even encouraged me to adopt a few new interests along the way.

Discovering New Interests

After I took in my first Edmonton Eskimos game, for example, I became a fan and the unofficial President of the Mike Reilly fan club and watched every game on TV for the rest of the season. The mani-pedi treatments we got from Wellness Within at the Enjoy Centre reinforced that my husband is secure in his masculinity (and loves being pampered). And we even had a chance to ride the Stettler Steam Train. It was coincidentally held up by bandits, so we calmed our shaky nerves in Big Valley with home made fudge. Mmmm.

This year, we decided to “plan” our day trips last-minute and leave the schedule open for detours, and we’d like to bring you along for the ride in My Alberta Road Trip (a Series). Enjoy!

My Alberta Road Trip:



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