Motorcycle Safety Tips for New and Experienced Riders

Whether you’re a beginner on a trike or an old hand on a Hog, these motorcycling safety tips apply:

Be Visible

Make sure your headlights are turned on, day or night, and add reflectors to your clothing and bike. Don’t hang out in other vehicles’ blind spots, and stay to the left or in the centre of the lane, where you’re most visible. When in doubt that other drivers can see you, flash your brake lights or honk.

Be Safely Dressed

Helmets are a no-brainer and legally required. Wear thick, long-sleeved and full-legged clothing – including gloves and over-ankle boots – even in summer.

Be Smart

Don’t ride tired or impaired, and stay alert to road conditions, traffic lights, speed limits and other road users. Give yourself and other drivers enough space to react, and don’t weave from lane to lane.

Be Prepared

Know your bike, and how to use it. Before you hit the road, take formal motorcycle training, such as the Canada Safety Council’s Gearing Up course, which covers balance, handling, braking, urban riding, traction control, high- and low-speed control, traffic, emergency techniques and more.

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