Dinosaurs Unearthed at Telus World of Science

Telus World of Science – Edmonton has just opened its premier summer exhibit Dinosaurs Unearthed. And it’s big: 17 life-size dinosaurs, including a Tyrannosaurus rex juvenile. Best of all, each of the prehistoric beasts comes to life with the latest animatronics and effects that perfectly mimic how they would have sounded.

Now, we all know young kids, LOVE dinosaurs (they’re big, they’re loud — what’s not to like?). But this exhibit is fun for the entire family, the young’uns and the old. Pack your fossil brush, dust off your magnifying glass, and grab your safari jacket, Dinosaurs Unearthed is for everyone. Here’s why you can’t miss this exhibition:

It Will Ruffle Some Feathers

When you think of dinosaurs, scales and slithery skin probably come to mind. Had you any idea that many of your favourite dinosaurs, such as the Tyrannosaurus rex juvenile, were actually feathered? This exhibit has the furry evidence to prove it with an exclusive collection of feathered fossils, set up alongside several life-size, feathered dinos.

There’s New Content Daily, We Repeat Daily

Your bedtime stories for the kids may not change night after night, but those of Dinosaurs Unearthed do. Dino experts roll out new stories, themed activities, and special events daily on the hour. From Dinosaur Story Time for the little ones, to Dinosaur Field Station, where young paleontologists find out how fossils are formed and get tested on their dino trivia. Look for weekly themes: Build Your Own Fossil Week, Dinos in the Dark, and the sure-to-be popular Velociraptor Safety Awareness Week. Your interest has no chance of extinction.

There’s Naughty Fun for Mom and Dad, Too

Once the little ones are tuckered out after roaring and shrieking, call in the babysitter and head back for an evening of adults-only revelry. Cocktails, DJ beats, and grown-up science experiments are only the beginning at Dark Matters. You also get access to all of the permanent exhibits, not just Dinosaurs Unearthed. Dark Matters runs 7 p.m. to 10 p.m., and comes with a few taboo-laced themes. On June 18, it’s “Sex,” while August 20 is “Nerdgasm.”

An AMA Rewards Discount Will Make You Roar with Delight

Like the teeth of a ferocious carnivore, you can rip through your admission price with AMARewards. Members get 10% off admission for up to five of your family members. Sink your teeth into that!

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