How to do “Bike to Work Day” Safely

You’ve pulled your bike out of winter hibernation. The roads are free of snow (hopefully for good) and you’re ready to ride!

Whether you’re riding to celebrate Bike to Work Day or you ride for fun in your spare time, we want to make sure you get from point A to point B safely. Here are some reminders for both motorists and cyclists on how to share the road while commuting.

• Make sure you’re properly equipped. This includes a bell, functional brakes, reflectors or lights, and helmet. Remember to carry your ID/cell phone/emergency cash with you.
• Follow the rules of the road. The same responsibilities and traffic laws apply to those of you on two wheels as it does for those on four wheels.
• Channel your inner-spidey senses and stay alert and aware of what’s going on around you. Anticipate drivers’ next moves, watch for potholes, and be cautious around parked cars. Nobody likes a door in their face.
• Be predictable. Motorists can’t read your mind so don’t pull any surprise moves. Be sure to use hand signals before making turns or lane changes.

• Give cyclists some respect. They’re also legal road users and it’s important to tolerantly share the road with them.
• Keep a safe distance between you and the cyclist. Make them feel comfortable and only pass them if it’s safe to do so.
• Always shoulder check. Remember your blind spots!
• Don’t make any turns in front of a cyclist. Let them pass you first.

Now let’s hit the road!

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