Road Reporter Tips: Reporting a Traffic Delay

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When you’re in Drive Mode, you’re not only helping yourself (get where you’re going safely and on time), you’re also helping all of the users behind you (because you’re contributing speed information). When there are traffic delays Road Reporter automatically tells you that there’s slow traffic ahead. When you see something on your trip you can also report it, so that all the other users aware of the delay.

Step 1

There are two ways you can report a delay: by tapping on “Drive Mode’ or ‘Report Traffic’, which is found on the bottom of your screen. Both options are available from the Map View.

When you tap on ‘Drive Mode’, this is what you’ll see:


And this is what you’ll when you tap on ‘Report Traffic’:

Step 2

In Drive Mode, when you see an issue have a passenger select the applicable icon to report road construction, a collision, or dangerous road conditions.


That’s all there is to it. You’ll see the reporting progress screen and when it’s done, the Drive Mode screen will display again.

See something that needs a bit more explanation? Have a passenger use the ‘Call to Report’ button and record a 30 second message to alert users.

Once reported, the voice report will be reviewed by AMA staff and either shared with other users or used as the basis for another report. At this point the report will appear on the map letting other users know there’s an issue at that location. Users whose route include that location will also be notified by an audio alert.


To learn more about using the Road Reporter app, read: