Road Reporter Tips: How to Create a Route

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Have a route you regularly travel? When you create and save a route ahead of time all you have to do is call it up when you’re ready to start driving, and you’ll be good to go.

It takes just a few minutes to create a route for home, work, the gym, or your kids’ school. Once saved, the app does all the work for you. It’ll let you know 15 minutes before you leave if the route is clear. And once you’re on the road it updates you about collisions, lane closures, and traffic back-ups.

Step 1

To create a route, first make sure you’re in ‘Map View.’ It’s the default setting when you open the app, but if you want to be sure, you can select it from the menu. Once in ‘Map View’ tap on ‘Search destination.’


Step 2

Type in the address of where you’re going. As you enter destinations, the app will save them so over time you’ll have a recently used list that you can choose from as well.

Tip: You can often find the address by typing in the name of your destination.


Step 3

The app can detect your current location (though you can enter a starting address if you really want to). Once you’ve entered your destination, the app will provide you with three route choices to choose from. The image to the right is showing Route 1 of 3. The green text: 10 minutes (with traffic) means the route has a good estimated travel time (ETT). Yellow text means the route has a longer ETT, while red text means the ETT is much longer.

If you are happy with the route, you can save it by tapping on the star next to the Route. If this isn’t a route you normally take to get to the destination, you have the option of saving the destination only (by tapping on the star beside the address on the map). Once you save a destination, you can call it up to get a route from wherever you’re starting from.

But, there could also be more than one way to get to where you’re going.


Step 4

If the app creates a route you don’t prefer driving, you can add waypoints to change it. To add a waypoint, select ‘Options,’ and then select ‘Add Way Points.’

To place a waypoint, zoom in on the map to where you want to place your first point. Hold your finger on the spot to call up a second window that will let you move the map to position and place your point (the red bulls eye) to where you want it. Tap on the checkmark to save.


You may need to place a few waypoints to get the app to show you the alternate route. You’re allowed to place up to five waypoints, so use them strategically.

Tip: To make major changes to a route, place a few waypoints close together; once the app gets the gist of where you want to go, it’ll take care of the rest. Continue placing waypoints until the app maps out the route you want. By placing two waypoints, I was able to change the route from Whitemud Drive to the Anthony Henday (my preferred route). Just be careful where you place the waypoints because you could accidentally tell the app to send you in the opposite direction. To avoid this, make sure you zoom in enough on the map to see the lanes and place the point on the correct side of the street (e.g. westbound lane not the eastbound lane).


Again, if this is a route you regularly drive, you can tap on the star to save it. Press ‘Start’ to have Road Reporter scan for your driving conditions. If everything on your route is clear, you’ll be given the OK.

An Added Bonus: Advanced Monitoring

If you want to be notified of what’s happening on your route before you usually leave, you can set up the app ahead of time to alert you 15 minutes before you’ll start driving. To set up this notification, select ‘Setup Advanced Monitoring’ when you save a route, (you can also set it up later through the menu). Select your route and tap on ‘Add Advanced Monitoring.’


Select your route, and then set the time of day(s) and the day(s) of the week you drive that route. Tap on ‘Save’ when you’re done. Once set, you’ll get notified 15 minutes before you leave if there are any incidents you need to be aware of, or if your route is clear.


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