Wedding guest etiquette 101

A wedding is not about you, it’s about the people you’re celebrating. Make proper guest etiquette  your mantra and it’s tough to go wrong.

1. Follow instructions
Arrive on time and don’t bring anyone who wasn’t invited, or didn’t RSVP – including kids. Respect the dress code, too.

2. Send a gift
Whether you attend or not. Stick to the registry, or cash, unless you’ve done some research into what the couple actually needs. Send your gift before, or up to two months after, the wedding, but no later.

3. Consume alcohol in moderation
An open bar isn’t an invitation to test the limits of your liver. “A wedding is a celebration, not just a giant party,” says Edmonton wedding planner Suzanne Bielert, of Next Step Events. “You have to be respectful of the family and the other guests.”

4. Respect social-media requests
It’s becoming more common for couples to request a social-media blackout until they can post their own wedding photos on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Remember, they’ve spent months pulling together this event – they deserve to be the ones to break the story. Conversely, if the bride and groom encourage posting, use any requested hashtags and keep your sentiments positive and centred on them. Respect wedding guest etiquette. Tomorrow you can shift the focus back to yourself, #bestguestever.

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