Destination Relaxation: Bliss YogaSpa

Last Christmas Eve, long after Bliss YogaSpa should have been closed for the day, co-founder Traci Bateman still had a lineup of last-minute gift shoppers (mostly men) stretching out the door. She realized at that moment that a gift card for spa services really was, “the last-minute shopper’s best friend.”

And having just experienced their Luxury Package myself, I can attest that receiving a spa gift certificate is probably one of the best gifts you can get (any of their packages or individual services would make a fantastic gift). I can also understand why Bliss topped Vue Weekly’s Best-Of Edmonton list for best spa, and was the Edmonton Journal’s Readers’ Choice Award Gold Winner.

If you have a loved one you want to pamper in the New Year, then put Bliss YogaSpa on the top of your gift-shopping list. For help choosing the best spa gift for your loved one, read Bateman’s top four last-minute spa gift ideas.

8000 Square Feet of Total Relaxation

Bliss YogaSpa is designed to relax, and pamper clients. The moment I walked in the front doors, I noticed the attention to details, including take home sandals in my exact size (to protect my pedicure) and three lounging areas. From the soothing paint colours and earthy décor, to the soft music playing in the background throughout the building, I could immediately tell that these guys meant business when it came to taking care of me. I had only spent a few minutes sitting in the plush microfiber lounger in front of the wall-mounted fireplace while I was waiting for my service, and already I could feel all of the stress and tension of my day leaving me.

Beside my lounge chair was a complimentary iPad I could use as I waited for my esthetician; I could also have nibbled on a cookie or two while sipping a delicious cup of coffee or tea as I flipped through a book or magazine. In the end I decided it was best to just lay back, close my eyes, and savor the few moments of silence in an otherwise hectic day. Trust me, after a few minutes here you’ll never want to leave (that’s what every staff member wants to hear from you, by the way).

How can it get any better than this? I’ll tell you in three words…

Heated Facial Bed

As if being pampered with a facial targeted to my face, neck, and chest wasn’t enough, I got the added pleasure of spending my time lying on a heated bed, wrapped in soft blankets with a heat pad on my feet. The esthetician was still getting set up and again I’d reached another level of relaxation.

Where Bliss YogaSpa is concerned, packages may be the way to go, because I can think of no better way to spend an afternoon. And my Luxury Package was just that: luxurious. My skin was cleansed, toned, exfoliated, peeled, and masked with high quality, good-for-your-skin products that you could actually feel working (you won’t find any harsh chemicals such as parabens in any of their products). While I was waiting for the peel to reveal more radiant skin, my esthetician was giving me an arm and hand massage (seriously, the staff at Bliss YogaSpa have pampering down to a fine art).  Every product was wiped off my face using a heated towel, and there wasn’t a moment during my facial that I was left alone.

An hour-and-a-half later (facials run between one hour and fifteen minutes to one-and-a-half-hours) my skin looked and felt great. Unfortunately, I had to get up, but thankfully I had another two services lines up (a pedicure and manicure are included in the Luxury Package), so I still had more pampering to look forward to. My fingers and toes were showed the same attention to detail as my face just was. While getting my manicure, I was pampered with another arm and hand massage, and during my pedicure I received a leg and foot massage.

This Isn’t Just a Spa, It’s a Destination

Bateman says her spa is a destination for many out-of-town clients. She has visitors from Fort McMurray, Red Deer, and Lacombe who drive out for the day, with the sole purpose of visiting her spa.

For those in the Edmonton area looking for a truly luxurious experience, this is the destination for you (you can find them in Terwilleger). In addition to a stunningly beautiful facility, Bateman has focused her attention on the small details (they provide hair care products, blow-dryers, and curling irons in their change rooms), and the staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and provide outstanding customer service. A few hours here and you’ll feel as relaxed as a week on a beach, I know I did.

Can you think of a better gift to give this holiday season than complete pampering and relaxation? No, I didn’t think so.

AMA Members Save

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Krista is an Online Content Specialist in Edmonton with AMA, a part-time freelance writer, budding editor, jewellery maker, health nut, baker, and believer that dark chocolate makes the world a better place.