Tips to Prevent Theft from Your Vehicle this Christmas

It’s that time of year, when the mean-spirited are ready and waiting to swipe your festive spirit along with the gifts and goods they spied in your vehicle when you weren’t looking. It’s important to remember some basic safety tips in keeping yourself and your stuff safe.

7 Holiday Shopping Tips To Keep Your Valuables Safe

  • Thieves like to lurk in the dark. Find a place in the light before you put it in park.
  • Video games all tucked out of sight? Bad guys with quick thumbs are shopping tonight.
  • Tell them it isn’t worth looking so hard. Point to that All Valuables Removed placard.
  • Use an alarm or a steering wheel lock. Crooks may get cranky but they won’t stop to gawk.
  • Don’t leave your pink slip or registration in the car. To a Grinch with your wheels your house isn’t far.
  • Is that a garage opener clipped to your visor? That thief has your house key and you’re none the wiser.
  • Take a second to hide gifts, close windows and lock doors. Even if you’re only running into one store.

For more ways to keep your car and valuables secure, check out 9 Smart Tips to Outwit Vehicle Thieves.

What’s your favourite tip to keep your stuff from getting pinched? Pick one of the above, or write your own and share it with us on Facebook or Twitter.

Santa’s Christmas Gifts Get the Pinch

Watch this true story recently caught on video about how easy it was for a mean, green thief to steal from the big guy in red:

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