Oil and Fluids: Keep Them Flowing

Regularly checking your vehicle’s oil and fluids levels will help keep your vehicle in good running condition, so that it’s ready to go when you are.

Motor oil

Sub-zero temperatures can freeze your vehicle’s fluids and make oil a little sluggish. Synthetic oil can be used year round, but some people switch to it just in winter to help prevent this. Synthetic oil flows more easily which allows the vehicle to run more effectively. The biggest benefit – similar to plugging in your car when temperatures drop to around –15 C – is less wear and tear on your engine.


Windshield wiper fluid

Summer wiper fluid will clean the bugs off your windshield, but the winter variety contains methyl hydrate, so it can stand up to –40 to –45 C temps and still stay liquid. Ideally, you should switch around October, but it’s never too late.


Also known as coolant, this fluid keeps your engine’s temperature optimal, so make sure you routinely top up with a 50-50 mixture of coolant and water.

Tip: Find out how to check your vehicle’s fluid levels.

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