Free Ice Cream from the AMA Ice Cream Truck

There’s one thing that perfectly complements the hot Alberta summer: Free Ice Cream!

Follow the AMA Ice Cream Truck as we tour Alberta giving free ice cream to AMA members. Just show your card at any of the locations below for some soft serve vanilla ice cream or a popsicle – on us.

And if you’re not a member, don’t worry — you can still purchase ice cream at the AMA ice cream truck. But, as they say, free ice cream just tastes so much better.

Proceeds from purchased ice cream are donated to the AMA Foundation for Traffic Safety, which works to improve road designs, increase alternative transportation services for aging drivers, and helps make Alberta roads safer for everyone.

Trying to find us?

We know that everyone loves cold treats so while we have a tentative schedule, the precise times and location of the ice cream truck can change at anytime. But have no fear, we always talk about where we are using the hashtag #AMAIceCreamTruck on Twitter, so check there and you’ll always be able to find us!

We Take Ice Cream Very Seriously

So seriously, in fact, that we surveyed some of our members in order to settle the great debate: Which treat is the favourite for most people, ice cream or popsicles?

Well, at 89 per cent, an overwhelming majority of members polled declared ice cream the victor! Way to go, ice cream, you win again!

I am an Online Content Specialist from Edmonton at the AMA. Am happiest when it is gloriously gloomy outside.