Fun for the Road

Road games and activities are fantastic for your passengers. They keep travellers (big and small) busy and entertained and make the time fly by. Here are a few suggestions to help as you plan your adventure.

Map it Out

Get younger travellers involved with your journey and have them follow along with a map. Yes, that’s right, a paper map. They can draw on it and highlight your route and all the fun stuff in between. And they won’t have to ask, “Are we there yet?” because they’ll already know.

Eat the Alphabet

Get your famished travellers chatting about how hungry they are in this fun food game. Starting with the letter “A,” the first player announces, “I’m so hungry I could eat an airplane” (“Alberta,” “aardvark”). The next player adds a word that starts with B (“balloon” or “balaclava”). You get the idea, all the way through the alphabet, until you’re feasting on a Zamboni. It’s a little bit of torture and a whole lot of fun.

Embrace Tech

Feel free to bring along the iPods, portable DVD player or gaming systems that’ll keep the kids — and adults — happy on the road. There will be plenty of time to escape technology along the way. Remember your chargers!

Jot in a Journal

A travel journal is the perfect way to record your adventure. It’s easy to carry and doesn’t rely on batteries or electricity. Scribble down amusing anecdotes about the people you meet, places you see and fun memories you collect.

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