A Weekend in Banff

Kaytee Muir, North American Travel Specialist
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When it comes to travelling, everyone always wants to know where we’re headed to next, don’t they? And if you say somewhere far, you get a reaction, but tell them you’re going somewhere in your own backyard, and you barely get a nod (is that a look of pity in the other person’s eye?).

But isn’t a trip a trip? Whether it’s across the sea or across the province, it’s still an adventure. And as Martin Buber said, “All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware”. No matter how far from home you roam, each destination holds its own treasures and secrets that are a pleasure to discover.

And that’s where I come in. My name is Kaytee Muir and I have worked with AMA for 8 years. I love selling all travel but am partial to places closer to home because of the treasures they hold that many aren’t aware of. Take Banff, for example, a particular favourite of mine.

Relax in the Rockies

My boyfriend and I try and make a trip out to Banff at least once a year. I am partial to the fall season (mid to late October) – there is something about the crunch of the leaves beneath my feet and the frigid cold air of the mountains that really puts a smile on my face – add in all those beautiful reds, oranges, and yellows that colour the landscape like a glowing sunset and it doesn’t get any better. But really, any time of year has its perks, depending on the adventure you’re looking for.

No matter what time of year I go, my trip to Banff wouldn’t be complete without a few of my favourite things:

  • Favourite hotel: The Brewster’s Mountain Lodge, located in the heart of downtown Banff, is your home away from home. It boasts an impressive collection of handcrafted furnishings and art, and the Rocky Mountain feel comes right to you in this historically rich accommodation. Each room type brings a comfort all its own, and while I’ve stayed in most of their room types, I have to say that my favourite are the loft suites. The vaulted ceilings and beautiful woodwork around the room have you feeling right at home. If you want a special treat, I highly recommend an upgrade. No matter what type of room you stay you, you’ll enjoy free continental breakfast and WiFi, along with $5.00 a night parking. Comfort and savings – how can you go wrong?
  • Favourite restaurant: The Saltlik on Bear Street is a little pricey, but definitely worth it. Before ordering one of their amazing steaks make sure to grab a few of their sides. I recommend the truffle Mac & Cheese. Tip: If you don’t enjoy waiting in line for a table, I recommend going for dinner around 5:30, since there are usually lineups between 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
  • Favourite activity: The Upper Hot Springs. My favourite time to go is in the early evening -I recommend heading up a few hours after a nice dinner to relax the night away – as it does get pretty busy with the locals. For only a few dollars you can spend endless hours turning into a prune. Show your AMA card and get 15% on admission.

No matter where you are in the province, I encourage you to make the trip and soak up all that Banff has to offer. You’ll come home feeling refreshed and alert from all that mountain air. Learn more about Banff Destination: Vacation Rentals, Hotels, Things to do & More

I am a travel counsellor with AMA Travel in Alberta and loving selling travel all around the world. New York City and Hawaii are my favorite places to visit.