Licencing Information for Older Drivers

Driving As You AgeSafe driving is about ability, not age. Most of us will outlive our driving careers by many years as our population ages and life expectancy soars. And no matter how sharp we keep our skills, the day eventually comes when we need to switch gears and hop over to the passenger seat.

The main goal for all of us is to age with independence in our own homes. So we’re working with health professionals and the government to make sure you have access to licensing information and assessment options as you age.

Raising Medical Concerns
Under Alberta law, at age 75, 80, and every two years after, you’ll need to provide a medical report from a doctor to renew your driver’s licence. If your doctor feels a change in health might affect your ability to drive safely, a driving assessment can be requested at any age. It’s important to start the conversation early — speaking openly and honestly with your doctor can help you steer things in the right direction.

If your medical report raises red flags, a reviewing officer from the Government of Alberta’s Driver Fitness and Monitoring will evaluate your driving history and may refer you for further testing before making a decision to apply conditions (like not driving at night) or restrictions to your licence.

Get the Full Picture
Stop into any AMA centre for your free copy of our Tips for Aging Drivers booklet, or visit our Aging Drivers website. If you’re concerned about a parent, spouse or neighbor’s driving safety, let one of our driver education instructors build confidence with a one-on one refresher lesson.

Read more about How to Assess Your Driving Skills, How Age Affects Your Driving Skills, and Planning your Retirement from Driving. To get the full picture, stop into any AMA centre for your free copy of our Tips for Aging Drivers booklet or visit

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