Keep the Spring Melt Out of Your Basement

Flooded basement

“Squish.” Yup, that’s the sound of your soggy-socked foot the moment you step in a small pool of water and realize you have a leaky basement. Water seepage can happen a lot in Alberta during spring thaw when the ground is mushy — fluctuating temperatures can bring on rapid melt. Before you get your feet wet, here are few things you can do to help prevent or lessen the invasion of seeping water.

Stay on top of that snow – Keep it shoveled away from your foundation, especially if you notice an area where water has begun to seep into your basement. The last few snowfalls of the year can fall fast and melt fast. Fun weekend project alert: Shovel paths or trenches for melting snow so the water runs away from your home.

Keep an eye on your eaves and downspouts – We know you’ll be cleaning them once the weather warms up, but until then, ensure your eaves are flowing (no breaks or clogs causing water to run over and pool near your foundation) and your downspouts are properly attached and extended away from your home.

Keep your stuff stowed – Remove all your personal belongings from the basement floor, and keep important documents and irreplaceable personal items some place they won’t be damaged. Recycle your cardboard boxes and replace them with plastic storage bins to keep your stuff dry.

Get a good grade – As the snow melts, you’ll be able to get a better visual on trouble spots around the foundation of your home. Pooling water near the foundation is a problem waiting to happen. The ground around your home settles over time, so it’s important to check your grading each year. If your grading needs some TLC, add it to your spring/summer to-do list.

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