Assess Your Driving Skills as You Age

When it comes to safe driving, confidence counts for a lot. And let’s face it, most of us like to think we’re pretty sharp behind the wheel. After all, as we get older we have decades of driving experience to fall back on. The question is, is experience enough?

To answer that question, we’ve developed some assessment tools to help you determine if your driving skills could use a little sharpening. Intrigued? What if we tell you that both tools are available free of charge.

Take a Driving Skills Assessment

Who Should Take the Assessments?

Whether you’re feeling long in the tooth or young at heart, we could all use a fresh perspective to spot warning signs that we might need to adjust our driving. Our seniors driver education courses offer one-on-one assessments and coaching for older drivers in a safe, non-threatening environment. Working with a patient and neutral instructor — one who specializes in assessing older drivers — can help take some of the stress out of grading your own performance on the road.

Get the Full Picture

Stop into any AMA centre for your free copy of our Tips for Aging Drivers booklet.

Read more about How Age Affects Your Driving Skills, Licencing Information for Older Drivers and Planning your Retirement from Driving. To get the full picture, stop into any AMA centre for your free copy of our Tips for Aging Drivers booklet or visit

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