Impaired Driving in Alberta

We have a lot to celebrate in life — friends, family, and health, for example — but when it comes to raising a glass, let’s make sure we plan ahead for a safe ride home.

Even One is One Too Many
Impaired driving continues to be the #1 cause of criminal death in Canada, and knowing your limits means making sober decisions about how you will get home at the end of the night.

Although criminal code impaired driving charges begin at 0.08 blood alcohol concentration, Alberta has strengthened the penalties for drivers who blow between 0.05-0.08 per cent. If you get pulled over, your vehicle can be seized and your licence suspended for three days. If you blow over 0.08, you may lose your licence until the charges are resolved in court.

Before You Head Out
For starters, leave your car in the garage if you plan to be drinking. Put aside some money for a taxi, check public transit schedules, or make arrangements with a sober friend to drive you home. You can also check our list of designated driver services in Alberta, and call ahead to a couple of them to see if they suggest booking early. Always program the phone number to a local cab company into your phone.

There’s Power in Numbers
We’ve all been there: you and your friends get caught up in the moment, have a few too many, and the next thing you know you’re ready to take on the world. Let’s make sure that “barstool bravado” doesn’t head out to the parking lot. When that liquid courage starts to kick in, excuses begin sounding like answers, so do the right thing and make sure your friends have a safe plan to get home too.

Have Fun, and Be Responsible
Think about what’s at stake: your vehicle, your job, and your children in the back seat. Think about that innocent family on the other side of the blurry yellow line. If you do find yourself in a situation where you feel unsafe behind the wheel, call AMA Roadside Assistance and we will make sure both you and your vehicle find a safe ride home.

Take care of each other, and be safe on the roads.

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