How to Register a Corporation

Once you have selected a name, it’s time to incorporate your new business.

To incorporate in the province of Alberta you must present each of the following completed forms:

To view these Government of Alberta forms in Chrome, save the PDF (right mouse click and Save Link As) and then open it in Acrobat.

For advice and tips on how to complete each of these forms correctly, select the title below:

Let Us Help You With the Paperwork

With AMA’s corporate registry services, we’ll fit into your schedule. Choose how you’d like to complete your transaction:

  • In-person: Find an AMA centre near you. Only one incorporator needs to come in to file the incorporation – so feel free to send a director, shareholder, or designated agent of the corporation.
  • Phone: 1-866-989-6370.
  • Fax: 780-989-6378.
  • Email:

When registering your incorporation with us by fax or email, in addition to sending us your completed form, include a photocopy of your personal identification and required credit card authorization.

When to Consult a Lawyer

There is an infinite number of ways to complete the documentation required to incorporate; the statements are not required to be written in any specific manner. They must however be in compliance with the Alberta Business Corporations Act.

Our AMA professional certified registry agents may assist you in determining whether you are in compliance with legislation. But it’s important that you know that the role of the corporate registry service provider does not include providing legal advice. AMA recommends you consult a lawyer licensed to practice law in Alberta on all matters that have to do with the regulations of documents in the corporate registry.

Stay on Top of Your Paperwork

  • File your Annual Return: Keep your corporate information current with Alberta Corporate Registries by filing an annual return by the last day of the month following the anniversary of your registration month.
  • Store your corporate documents in one location to make it easy to stay organized, and also to keep a history of your company’s important decisions.

Please note: 

  • Our Corporate Registry services are a member-only service, so make sure you’re in good standing (that means no overdue membership fees) with the AMA, CAA, or AAA.

Before you register your business, make sure you’ve got the proper paperwork filled in. Learn what is needed to set up your business or corporation:

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