How to Register a Business Name in Alberta

Once you know the type of business you want to set up and you have chosen a name, it’s time to register your business and move one step closer to opening your doors for the first time.

To register your business name in the province of Alberta, present one of these completed forms at any AMA centre:

Declaration of Trade Name (pdf)  (for businesses operated by one entity)


Declaration of Partnership  (pdf) (for businesses operated by more than one entity)

To view this Government of Alberta form in Chrome, save the PDF (right mouse click and Save Link As) and then open it in Acrobat.

The declaration of Trade Name / Partnership asks for five key pieces of information:

  1. The full legal name and address of the owner(s) of the business.
  2. The type of products or services the business will offer.
  3. The city, town or village within the province of Alberta where the business will be located.
  4. The business name you have selected.
  5. The date the business started. This date may be in the past or up to six months in the future.

Optional termination date: When registering a partnership, you will also have the option of designating a termination date. You may wish to include this date if you know the business will only be in existence for a certain amount of time. This date is optional and can be amended in the future.

Let us Help you With the Paperwork

Choose how you’d like to contact us:

Our professional certified registry agents will work with you and your schedule.

When registering your business with us by fax or email, in addition to sending us your completed form, include a photocopy of your personal identification and required credit card authorization.

Please note:

  • In order to use our Corporate Registry services, you must be a member in good standing with the AMA, CAA or AAA.
  • A professional certified registry agent may provide assistance, but please be advised that the role of the agent does not include the provisions of legal advice. AMA recommends that you consult a lawyer licensed to practice law in Alberta on all matters pertaining to the regulations of documents in the corporate registry.

Don’t forget your proper permits and licences

In addition to registering your business in the province of Alberta, you may also need to apply for items such as a business licence or a GST number. is a partnership among federal, provincial and municipal governments that provide you with a list of required permits and licences specific to the products and services your business will offer along with information on how to get them.

Before you register your business, make sure you’ve got the proper paperwork filled in. Learn what is needed to set up your business or corporation:

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