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It doesn’t matter if you travel on a regular basis or only plan to venture out once; mishaps can happen in a blink of an eye. For instance, you’ve checked into your hotel, bags are unpacked, and you’re asking the locals, “Which way to the beach?” The next thing you know, you’re on crutches because you misjudged your step off the curb.

Purchase a Multi-Trip Annual Plan or a Single Trip Plan

Travel Insurance Packages

You never know what will happen from one day to the next. So, of course, the last thing on your mind when you book your trip is that you may end up having to come home earlier than planned, or even cancel your trip altogether. Buying travel insurance when you make your reservations covers your bases from the day you book until the day you return home, safe and sound.

Purchase a Multi-Trip Annual Plan or a Single Trip Plan

Be Prepared. Be Protected.

We all know that unexpected things can happen when you’re on vacation. Multi-Trip Annual Travel Medical Insurance from AMA is the easiest way to get covered for a full year. Plus, members save 10% on travel medical insurance premiums.

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Protect Yourself on Vacation

Travel Medical Insurance Coverage Options

  • The Multi-Trip Annual Plan is perfect for frequent travellers who love the convenience of purchasing once and travelling all year. The plan provides 365 days of coverage within Canada and 15, 30, or 60 days per trip outside Canada – as many times as you want throughout the year.
  • The Single Trip plan is great for a one-time trip, up to one-year long (365 days).
  • For More Plan Options, including top-up insurance plans, Visitors to Canada, and Family Plans, call AMA Travel at 1-866-989-6595.

Policy Basics

  • Emergency medical and hospital expenses up to $5 million CAD
  • 24-hour emergency assistance dedicated phone line
  • No age limit
  • Coverage for pre-existing conditions, if stability eligibility criteria are met.

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Travel Insurance Packages Coverage Options

  • Premium Package – provides you with full comprehensive coverage including emergency medical, trip cancellation/interruption, baggage loss and delay, and flight/travel accident. Multi-trip Annual Premium Package coverage is also available for frequent travellers, which provides coverage on trips outside Canada for 9, 16 or 30 days each time you travel.
  • Non-Medical Package Plan – for the traveler who has emergency medical coverage but requires the benefits of cancellation/interruption or loss of baggage.  To purchase this plan option, please call AMA Travel at 1-888-799-1522.
  • Trip Cancellation – provides coverage in the event you have to cancel your trip before you leave. If something happens during your trip, it may even cover your interruption and delay.  To purchase this plan option, please call AMA Travel at 1-888-799-1522.

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In the event of a medical emergency, you must call AMA Assistance immediately, prior to seeking medical treatment:

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+1-905-532-2970 collect where available

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