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You’ve got enough on your mind, without worrying about keeping your membership up to date. Sign up for our online services in the Your Account section of our website and give your brain a rest.

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Your yearly payment will automatically be billed to your credit card and your membership will always be up to date. We’ll even send you a gentle reminder before billing, just in case you need to update your credit card information, and so that there are no surprises. Easy peasy.

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When you sign-up for eBill membership renewal reminders, we’ll gladly send you an email to jog your memory, come renewal time. So forget about posting that paper bill on your fridge; flag an eBill on your computer instead — it’s easy for you, and good for the environment.

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Benefits of Membership

By now, you should have a pretty good idea of what your membership can do for you.

In addition to car tows and battery boosts, you can also save time and money every day on things like movie tickets for Cineplex theatres, attractions passes to West Edmonton Mall and Parks Canada, driver education programs, and so many more that we can’t possibly list them all in one spot. Stop by one of our centres for deals on luggage and accessories, insurance, and registry services, or explore our online and retail partners.

Benefits of Membership Where to Save And Earn

Is Your Membership the Perfect Fit?

Things don’t stay the same forever — jobs change and families grow. Get in touch with us to make sure that your level of membership is still the perfect fit, when your lifestyle, interests, or hobbies change.

When To Upgrade Compare Memberships

Add A Family Member

It was bound to happen — your family is growing, and there are others to take care of besides yourself.

Why not add your loved ones to your membership as associate members, so they can have their own card and security when they are out and about. Plus, they can save a few pennies, too.

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