What Should I Bring to Renew My Driver’s Licence?

Keep your driver’s licence current by renewing it before its expiry date.  License renewals have to be completed in person, so come into any AMA centre, and make sure you bring:

  • Your old driver’s licence
  • Renewal form (optional)
  • Your original work permit, study permit, etc., if your licence is based on a legal presence document

You may also need to bring a completed medical exam form:

  • For a class 1, 2, or 4 driver’s licence
  • If you are over 75 years old or older
  • If you have a medical condition that could affect your ability to safely operate a motor vehicle
Fees for Drivers Licences
  • First application (5 years or prorated to licence term) – $84.45
  • Renewals (5 years or prorated to licence term) – $84.45
  • Out-of-province  (5 years or prorated to licence term) – $84.45 + $7.35 to close out the out-of-province licence (this notifies the Canadian province you came from that we have issued an Alberta licence)
  • Address/name changes – $22.45
  • Replacements (lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed) – $22.45
  • Reclassifications – $22. 45

If your driver’s licence expired more than three months ago, you’ll need to provide us with proof of residency. If it expired more than three years ago, you will need to pass the written and road tests before a new driver’s licence will be issued.

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