How Can I Study for the Class 7 Learner’s Licence Exam?

There’s no pass or fail here — only the opportunity to prepare for your Learner’s Exam. We have a few resources you can use to get ready to write your test.

Hit the Book

The first thing we recommend you do is download a copy of the Alberta Driver’s Handbook and study, study, study. Not the most fun, we know, but the questions on your test will be taken from content presented in this handbook, so make sure you read it.

Test Your Knowledge

Once you’ve read through the handbook, you’ll want to test how much information you’ve retained. You can do this by taking our Online Practice Exam, or by downloading our free Learner’s Licence Practice Exam app for your iPhone, or Android.

No matter which you use, they are great resources that you can work through multiple times to test your knowledge, and to get a feel for the types of questions you’ll be asked when you write the exam for real.

Extra Help

If you feel you want a little more help preparing, we offer an Online Learner’s Licence Prep course. This course is available to AMA members for $9.99 or non-members for $19.99, and you can complete it in about 90 minutes.

Find an Exam Location

When you’re ready to write your test, visit the Service Alberta website to search for a Registry Agent location to write your exam.

Unfortunately AMA Registries does not administer the exam, as it can be seen as a conflict of interest since we also operate a driving school.

Good luck!

You Passed! Now What?

We knew you’d do great!

You know what they say – practice makes perfect, and now that you have your learner’s licence, we want to help make sure that you’re practicing the proper driving methods right from the get-go (bad driving habits are hard to overcome). Sign up for one of our New Driver Programs so we can help you become a safe and confident driver not only to pass your road test, but for life.

Remember, you have to be at least 16 years of age and hold your learner’s licence for one year before you can get your Class 5 licence.




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