In-Class New Driver Program 

When it comes to teaching Albertans how to drive, we’re the gold standard. Over 12,000 new drivers a year put their trust in us, and we pride ourselves on that. If you enjoy instructor-led learning in a traditional classroom setting, then this is the course for you.

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Online New Driver Program 

On the road to learning to drive, we believe the light should always be green. That’s why we’ve adapted our New Driver classroom curriculum to a new interactive online program, so you can learn at your own pace virtually anywhere with an internet connection.

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The Right Driver Education Program for You

No matter which AMA Driver Education program you choose, all students receive the same extensive in-classroom instruction by our highly qualified and experienced instructors.

We’re here to help make you safer on the road, whether you’re a brand new driver in Alberta, or have spent some time behind the wheel with your driving coach.

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“Practice Makes Perfect.


Driver Education Tools and Resources


Learner’s Licence Studying Tools

Need help studying for your learner’s licence? No doubt, there’s a lot to learn about driving, and we have some tools and information to help you get started. Register for our 90-minute Online Class 7 Learner’s Licence Prep Course to help you study for your Class 7 Learner’s test. There’s also an Online Learner’s Licence Practice Exam and a free iPhone and Android app that helps you prepare when it’s time to take the actual exam.

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Auto Insurance

Driving Alberta’s roads should be worry-free, with car insurance being the last thing on your mind. But wouldn’t it be good to know that you’re protected in case of a car accident? Get an auto insurance quote, call us, or drop by one of our Alberta AMA centres for more information.

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Rewards for AMA Members

An AMA membership is your vehicle to savings and rewards. Whether you want to blow off steam after writing exams, or grab some munchies to help you pull an all-night study session, you can save money in the process when you show your card participating partners. Your membership starts at $80 per year ($47, if someone living in your house is already a member).

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