Driver 55 Plus (Senior Driver Refresher Course)

Our refresher course for senior drivers helps experienced drivers stay safe on the road for as long as possible. This in-class course encourages group discussion about the changes and new technologies in driving, and how age can impact driving skills.

Call 1-800-642-3810 or email us for more information.

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Driving Resources and Tips

Course Details:

  • Opportunity to book a brush-up lesson, an in-car evaluation for a reduced fee to assess driving skills
  • Group discussion with peers
  • A review of current road rules and regulation
  • Tips and strategies to help in different driving environments
  • Collision avoidance tips
  • An assessment of driving attitude and knowledge
  • Aging and its impact on driving
  • The changing nature of driving

$50 Plus Taxes & Fees

Course Type(s): In-class

Student Type(s): Mature Drivers

Duration: 10 hr(s)


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